Wednesday, 21 February 2018

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Is the Republican Party losing it?

Is the Republican Party losing it?

By Pablo Bello

Grand Rapids, MI ( .- Nine women accused the Alabama's Republican candidate to the Senate, Roy Moore of sexual abuse, he was accused of molesting them when they were underage.

Last week Beverly Nelson joined the group of women who accused Moore of molesting her when she was a teenager and was studying in high school, Nelson said the United States Senate candidate touched her when he gave her a "ride" to take her home, the judge was a district attorney when the assault happened.

One of them says Moore molested her when she was 14 years-old, another one says when she was 19 years-old, Moore gave her alcohol.

This candidate, is the same one who refused to remove a statue of the Ten Commandments at the entrance of a government office, the same that came on a stage during his political campaign with a pistol to tell people about their right to bear arms.

The candidate to the senate, Moore denies the accusations, but his accusers are not retracting themselves after The Washington Post published their stories.

Trump said today Moore denied the accusations, and didn't mention anything about allegations of 14 women who are accusing Trump of sexual misconduct, when a reporter question him about the accusations against him.

The Republicans do not know what to do or they don't care, many of their followers do not care about that Moore have abused the women when they were underage.

However, several senators called for Moore to withdraw from the political contest.

On top of the Moore scandal, prosecutor Robert Muller's investigations are following into the fact that Russia intervened in the last presidential election to favor Donald Trump.

According to revelations from intelligence agencies such as the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency), the Russian government intervened in the last presidential election to publish "fake" news related to the presidential candidate, in addition to intervened communications from the Democratic presidential campaign.

Paul Manafort, one of the managers of Trump's presidential campaign, remains under house arrest for receiving money from the Russian government, and many of the participants in the presidential campaign may be involved in the scandal, including Trump's son-in-law and even Trump's children.

Continuinig with the Republican defeats, the Republicans lost governorships in Virginia, Utah and New Jersey in the last elections a few days ago.

The defeats mean the repudiation of the people against Trump for their ineptitude and hatred that distills all over the world.

In his trip to Asia that ends today, Trump said he believes Putin when the Russian presidente says that the Russian government did not intervene in the last presidential elections to favor Trump.

The congress is controlled by the Republicans who are proposing to increase taxes on poor people and giving tax breaks to billionaires and thier corporations.

The House of Representatives controlled by the Republicans has already approved the bill already mentioned above, and this week it is expected that the Senate, which is also controlled by the Republicans, will vote to approve the new law.

However, not all Republican senators agree to give tax breaks to billionaires and their corporations, and make the poor pay taxes that corporations do not pay.

Statewide in Michigan, Republican are oblivious to the tragedy in Sutherland Springs,Texas where a maniac killed 26 people with an assault rifle, the Republican-controlled Senate passed a law to allow guns in schools public and other public places. How much more will continue to sink the Republican Party with Trump in the lead ...